Regional Council – 18 January 2014


The Regional Council meeting was held in New Brighton on 18 January.

The guest speaker at this meeting was Angela Eagle, Labour MP for Wallasey.

Agenda items included a presentation to Diane Kelly, who was retiring as Regional Convenor.

Three motions were put to the Council:

Octopus Lottery – submitted by North West Regional Welfare Committee

Council urges:

1  All branches to sign up to the Octopus Lottery and/or to consider making a regular donation to UNISON Welfare

2  Encourage members to sign up as individuals

This will give ‘There For You’ a regular income and the ability to assist members who are facing hardship.

(For more information on Octopus Lottery, click here.)

Zero Hours and Agency Workers – submitted by Salford City UNISON Branch

UNISON North West resolves:

1  To approach and work with the TUC and other affiliated unions to instigate a national campaign against Zero Hours Contracts and the misuse of Agency staff.

2  To immediately enter into negotiations with any employer using Zero Hour contracts and agency staff.

3  To use all methods available to us, up to and including industrial action where an employer fails to eradicated these practices.

4  To highlight and support all local campaigns against Zero Hour contracts and the misuse of Agency staff.

Defend Services and Jobs in Lancashire – submitted by Lancashire Branch

Regional Council agrees:

1  To show solidarity and support for the Branch in our campaign to protect services and oppose compulsory redundancies and cuts to terms and conditions should they arise.

2  To ask all North West branches to provide messages of support and attend a lobby of the full council meeting on 20 February at lunch time at County Hall Preston.

All three motions were passed by Regional Council.


Regional Council also agreed to submit the following motions to the National Delegate Conference:

Trade Unions and Political Influence

National Delegate Conference calls on the National Executive Council to:

Campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote in the political fund review ballot

Oppose any increase in state funding of political parties

Campaign for a future Labour Government to repeal anti-union legislation on lobbying introduced by the Con-Dems

Bhopal – Supporting the Campaign for Justice

Conference instructs the National Executive Council to:

1  Publicise and raise awareness of the Bhopal disaster amongst Regionsl, Branches and Members.

2  Support the survivors’ campaign for justice and encourage Regions, Branches and Members to support, participate and affiliate to organisations and campaigns such as the Bhopal Medical Appeal who support survivors of the disaster and the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal.

3  Work with UNISON Labour Link to raise the matter polically.

4  Commit UNISON to continue campaigning for strong health and safety in the workplace.


An update on the 2013 regional work programme, and the 2014 programme were provided.

If you want any more information about the agenda, please email us.

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