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Some members may wonder why Unison spends time debating International Issues.  We live in a global economy where employers have no compunction outsourcing work to other countries.  It is essential that trade unions across the world work together for good levels of pay and conditions of service for everyone.  Conference heard many inspirational stories about trade union activists in Colombia.  The media likes to portray the problem as being drugs.  It is really about a right wing government oppressing its people and where being a trade unionist is likely to get you killed.

Thursday afternoon of Conference is about rule changes.  The major debate was about changes the working practices of Unison to devolve more resources down to branch level.  There is an issue about funding but that will form part of the agenda for Conference 2016.  The motion was lost.  Other debates were on Retired Members (yes we can be members of the BEC), members who resigned before they are dismissed, a Disabled Officer position on the BEC and whether or not members should be required to declare membership of the Free Masons.

Did you know that the richest 50 families collectively have the same amount of money as 3.5 BILLION poorest?  Unison have got a Tshirt – Get Angry and Fight Back.  I think we should do a bulk order.  Mary

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