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UNISON represents more education staff than any other trade union in the UK. Our 350,000 members in education give us a powerful voice to campaign against inequalities, challenge unfair pay and speak out on work issues and the quality of public services.

UNISON’s AQA branch is primarily based in its Manchester offices, with members at Ashburton Park, Devas Street, and Kilburn House.  The Branch Executive Committee (BEC) is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (held in March each year).

We are always looking for people who feel they can contribute to the branch and to helping other members. This could be a regular commitment or just the occasional hour or so.

2014 Branch Executive Committee:

Chairperson Paul Rafferty
Secretary Jane Dixon
Assistant Branch Secretary: Diary Aleya Khatun
Assistant Branch Secretary:  Correspondence Grant Higginson
Treasurer Clark Daley
Membership Secretary Jane Dixon
Communications and Publicity Officer Jane Dixon                   Sandra Mortimer
Health and Safety Officer Vacant
Welfare Fund Secretary Clare Wilson
Education Officer Alex Melko Austin-Seal
Equalities Officer Grant Higginson
Women Members’ Representative Clare Wilson                     Alex Melko Austin-Seal
LGBT Representative Vacant
Black Members’ Representative Janice Watson
Young Members’ Representative Vacant
Retired Members’ Representative George Fox                       Mary Whitby
Disabled Members’ Representative Grant Higginson
International Officer Paul Rafferty
Pensions Champion Co-ordinator Danielle Bowman
Labour Link Officer Jane Dixon
Manchester representatives for JUC


JUC Alternates

Jane Dixon                       Paul Rafferty

Simon Cane                     Clare Wilson

Departmental Representatives
Devas Street  Porters/Canteen/Cleaners Christine Livesey
    Ground Floor Vacant
    1st Floor Carol Jones
    2nd  Floor Vacant
    3rd Floor Aleya Khatun
    4th Floor Danielle Bowman
    Contact Operations Simon Cane
Kilburn House Vacant
Ashburton Park Vacant
Regional Council Representatives Grant Higginson                 Jane Dixon
Representative for Unison HE Committee Carol Jones
Megarider Agent Vacant
Conference Representative Paul Rafferty                     Mary Whitby
Auditors (2) Vacant

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